Overweight Cats

Obesity Epidemic Hits Cats

Cats are having the same weight problems as the rest of us. About a third of cats are now considered overweight.

Veterinarians will tell you it's a simple matter of less food and often recommend a high carb, low fat diet cat food, usually a dry kibble. This is basically more of what got the cat fat in the first place.

In the wild cats don't live on corn and soybeans. They eat little critters. Aside from grass, about the only plant materials they eat are in the stomachs of said critters and already partially digested. Cats are set up to digest protein and fat, not carbohydrates. And especially not grains! But grain is cheap so it finds its way into cat food.

The stress of eating a diet not matched to their systems catches up with cats in different ways. Diabetes, pancreatitis, allergies and inflammatory bowel disease can be caused by diet.