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Stinky's Diet Blog

Stinky is not impressed with all this diet nonsense.
Diet? I don't think so.

For years Stinky was simply fat and my main concern was trying to get the weight off. I started this site as a way to force myself to keep track of her weight. Stinky's "dietblog" helped. Knowing that somebody somewhere might possibly see Stinky's progress, or lack thereof, was the little kick in the butt I needed. She lost close to 2 1/2 pounds.

Now that she is older health problems are showing up making weight loss even more difficult. It's been over a year now since Stinky went through 3 attacks of pancreatitis and I discovered she was highly allergic to turkey and possibly chicken as well. Weight loss took a back seat to managing her diet to avoid another attack of pancreatitis. You would think weight loss could proceed along with the change to venison, lamb etc. But it didn't. She squeezes out every last calorie while minimizing anything that might burn a few. Her weight has stayed about the same for the past year.

So I've laid the diet blog to rest. It was only of use to insomniacs anyway. It's been replaced by the Shop which has products I like along with commentary. I will also be posting new pictures to the gallery.