Cat Health

Prevention is the best approach to health care. Diet and exercise come first in any plan for improving your cat’s health. We may not be able to do a lot to encourage exercise in a lazy old cat, but we can control the diet. Proper nutrition helps improve the immune system so a lot of health issues can be avoided.

Although vaccines are a shortcut for boosting immunity, they come with their own safety issues. The guidelines for vaccination are changing, with a recognition of risks and an emphasis on the needs of the individual animal. Over-vaccination is a real health threat for cats and dogs, especially as they get older.

Probiotics are extremely important for digestive health which in turn influences immunity. 80% of a persons immune response is located in the gut. It is similar for cats. But you can’t just give your cat the same probiotic supplement you take. Cats have different strains of benificial bacteria than we do. Pet Dophilus Powder by Jarrow Formulas is formulated for cats and dogs. Life Extension Cat Mix contains important nutrients including antioxidants. And Ultimate Feline Health Formula has probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics are certain types of soluble fiber that feed and help maintain healthy gut flora.

Mushrooms also strengthen immunity while improving general health. MUSH Medicinal Mushroom Blend by Fungi Perfecti is good.

Feline Obesity: An Epidemic of Fat Cats has the best information I’ve found about overweight cats. Dr. Pierson is passionate about cats and it shows in her site – Catinfo. She also has information about diabetes and urinary tract diseases.

Dr. Andrew Jones is another of my favorite sources for information concerning feline health.

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Use code JAD788 to save on your first order at iHerb.